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IN PERSON Reiki Healing for 30 minutes


The hands of a trained Reiki practitioner are placed lightly on a fully clothed recipient who reclines or sits comfortably. When Reiki is offered to someone who is conscious, both practitioner and recipient quickly notice a gentle shift toward relaxation. Breathing becomes slower and more comfortable, and the person may sigh, laugh, become teary or even snore as the state of relaxation deepens.


The experience of Reiki treatment is very subjective and varies from person to person and treatment to treatment. Some recipients feel a warm tingling
where Reiki hands are placed, others feel soft waves of subtle pulsations flowing throughout their bodies, and others feel nothing in particular, except they are very relaxed afterward, with an enhanced sense of well-being.


Once you have booked your healing session with Traci, you will receive a confirmation email with your booking time and location details (Woonona, South Coast of Sydney). 

In Person Reiki Gift Voucher 30 minutes

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