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INDICATIONS: Flossophy Zzzen guard is indicated for the protection against tooth grinding or clenching. It is intended to reduce any tooth wear and help with a better night’s rest so that you have less dental concerns and more energy.
WARNING: This device is a medical grade appliance and is not intended as a sports guard. Seek advice from your Dentist if you have poor oral hygiene, decayed teeth, loose fillings or crowns, chipped or broken teeth, clicking jaw or jaw pain, teeth pain, If you are under 18 years of age prior to zzzen guard use.
Do not use this device continuously for more than 12 hours per day.

Zzzen Dental Guard

  • If you develop : loose teeth, jaw pain, respiratory symptoms, soreness, reaction in your mouth, gagging, choking or any other ill effect, please cease use immediately and consult with a dentist.
    We recommend you visit your dentist every 6 months for preventive dental and TMJ assessment and treatment.
    Bruxism is a habit of unconsciously clenching and /or grinding your teeth. Flossophy break through Zzzen guard protects your teeth from clenching and grinding, with the aim to break this neuromuscular habit for a long term preventive care for your teeth and jaw. Zzzen guard has been designed so that your jaw position remains in a relaxed state whilst simultaneously providing a cushion effect to reduce the forces applied when you are unable to control your jaw movement over night. It is not recommended to bit down on the cushion molar pads, but to focus on pressing lips together instead so that your posterior teeth remain apart.
    "lips together, teeth apart" while awake until it is a healthy habit that no longer needs your conscious attention. Everyone's learning curve is different, so please be patient.
    This product is manufactured in medical facility and is approved by …
    Flossophy Dental Care- Comfort in Prevention

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